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Season start 19.09.2023

Discover the unique Pumpkin farm in the Saar-Pfalz District

Currently: we are in the preparations for the opening of the pumpkin season.

From 19/09/2023 we are officially open the big warehouse sale again.

We are currently harvesting the pumpkins for the season opening.


In our farm Shop we offer…

    • … a huge selection of Halloween pumpkins for decorating, lantern cutting and cooking, 15 kinds of pumpkins and 30 different zierkür bites.

… freshly harvested sweet corn every day for cooking, grilling and roasting.

In the large warehouse sale we present a selected assortment around the pumpkin with culinary specialties and selected decoration material.

With our seventh revised edition of the cooking booklet

“Around the pumpkin, interesting and recipes”

we give an insight into the cooking variety with and around the pumpkin (we also send the booklet for 7.90 euros after prepayment).

In our flower field you have the opportunity to cut yourself a bouquet with dahlias.

Since our products are not offered all year round, the start of the season is always different.

Last day of sale: 31.10.2023.


Opening hours from September 19 to October 31:

Tuesday to Friday: 14 to 18

Saturday and Sunday: 13h – 18h

Monday: closed (except for special opening days, see events).

from 01 November to mid-September:

In our small sales corner in the guesthouse we present a part of our products throughout the year.

You are welcome to make an appointment in advance by phone: 06336-839989.

Parking lot:
Parking is available in and in front of the courtyard.
Please park on the large courtyard lawn in front of the farm on weekends.
Please pay attention to the signs.

Currently on sale

from own cultivation:

  • Edible Pumpkins: Hokkaido, Butternut, Muscat Squash, Sweet Mama, A-Corn, Pattison, Microwave Squash, Pink Banana – limited selection this year –.
  • Ornamental pumpkin: large selection of orange, white and colorful pumpkins – very limited selection this year –.
  • Halloween pumpkin: in orange and white, from small to large – this year only available in a manageable amount –.
  • Giant pumpkin: Despite weather extremes, we have reached about 320 kg.
  • Sweet corn:

    Only on request because of



  • Flower field: Large selection of dahlias to cut yourself – open daily –.
  • Artichoke Buds:

    Available now – baby artichokes and large artichokes – please pre-order by Thursday for pickup on Friday.

  • Artichoke flowers: The first flowers are still waiting.

from our own production:

  • Various pumpkin fruit spreads
  • Customer favorite: Grandma’s winter fairy tale
  • Pumpkin Spice Syrup (Pumpkin Spice Syrup)
  • Pumpkin spice bites (pumpkin cubes in spice syrup)
  • Baking mix for the pumpkin seed waffles
  • Pumpkin sweet and sour (different varieties)
  • Pumpkin seed pesto
  • Pumpkin soup in glass
    – NEW –

To round off from the pumpkin variety

  • Pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seeds
  • Pumpkin nibble seeds (different varieties)
  • Pumpkin seed cookies (different varieties)
  • Pumpkin sausage pithy or with chili
  • Pumpkin sausage pithy or with chili (in a can)
  • Pumpkin seed lard
  • Pumpkin seed bread (in a jar)
    – NEW –
  • Poultry sausage with pumpkin (in jar)
    – NEW –

from Neunkircher Brauwerk

  • Blood Moon
    Pumpkin Ale
    (Beer speciality with pumpkin)
    – NEW –

From Prince Fine Distillery

  • KÜRBIS – Limes (Liqueur)
    – NEW –

by Wein & Secco Köth

  • Palio – Pumpkin Secco
  • Perkeo – Pumpkin non-alcoholic secco
  • Fabio – Pumpkin wine
  • KÜRBIS Ginger Sprizz

Payment made easy

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